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16 Inch Stone Type Commercial Flour Mill (Attachakki)

Best Use for : Wheat,Rice, Maize, Juwar, Millet, Basen, All types of Dry Grain..

सर्वोत्तम उपयोग: गेहूं, चावल पीसने के लिए, मक्का, ज्वार, बाजरा, बेसन, सभी प्रकार की सूखा अनाज पीसने के लिए .

Shreedhar specializes in the Manufacture of High-Quality 16” Commercial Flour Mill Machinery.

We manufacture and supply a Range of flour mill machines, which are used in the grinding of wheat, spices, pulses, salt and all kinds of grains. These are developed to provide superior processing capabilities and deliver fine outputs in form of quality flour.

Open Type Flour Mill (Attachakki)

Product Specification

Model No.
16×3 TP
16×4.5 TP
Grinding Wheel Diameter
16 Inch
16 Inch
Grinding Wheel Thickness
75 mm
114 mm
Electric Motor Capacity (Single Phase & Three Phase)
5 HP 1440 RPM
7.5 HP 1440 RPM (P3)
Power Consumption per Hour
3.6 Unit
4.5 Unit
Pulley (Patta Pulley/ V-Belt Pulley)
10″ x 5″ Patta 10″ x 2B V-Belt
10″ x 5″ Patta 10″ x 2B V-Belt

Shaft Diameter (EN-8)
36″x40 mm
30″x40 mm
Ball Bearing
6208 (2 pcs.) 1208 (1 pcs.)
6208 (2 pcs.) 1208 (1 pcs.)
Grinding Capacity per Hour
60 to 90 Kgs
70 to 100 Kgs
Full Set Weight
250 Kg.
300 Kg.


Heavy Body Construction.

The coarse or fine flour adjustment is very simple.

Easy to move by having Trolley system.

Shreedhar Flour Mill is well guarded by protective cover on V-Belt to avoid accidents.

Power Saver Electric motor Is safe by Auto Tripping Switch.

Flour mill is mechanically well balanced, so it reduces the Noise factor and power Consumption.

Shreedhar Flour mill can be used on electric Supply Single phase & Three Phase

Three Bearing Grinding Technology for all types of Grains.

Long Life Uses And Lowest Maintenance.

Standard Copper winding Motor & Grade Silicon Stamping.

How To Use

Grinding wheels should be made free before switching on flour mill

Adjust emery wheels to get the desired fine or coarse flour.

While setting grinding wheel, keep the flow of grains controlled.

Flour mill should be fed with regulated flow of grains to avoid over loading on electric motor.

Keep the V-Belt tight to avoid Slippage

After using the Flour mill, reduce the tension of grinding wheels before Switching off the electric motor


Do not grind wet or moisturized grains.

Please use the right back up fuses to protect electric motor.